October 17: Optional Event: Transforming Brooklyn’s Libraries Through Design

Marble Fairbanks Architects, Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center

Williamsburgh Library, 240 Division Avenue, Brooklyn


(related to our XX tour of the new Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center with architect Karen Fairbanks)

Web Listing + Registration

Please join us on October 17th to learn and discuss how architecture is amplifying the incredible work of Brooklyn Public Library (BPL).

Public libraries have evolved far beyond their original books-only focus. With branches in almost every New York City neighborhood, today libraries also function as vital service providers and innovative knowledge centers. This event will discuss this expanded role in the context of BPL and unpack how architecture and design come into play. Featuring principals from Marble Fairbanks, Mitchell Giurgola, Leroy Street Studio, and SITU, panelists will share groundbreaking projects that are transforming local branches—from integrating affordable housing and environmental education to developing flexible community spaces for multiple locations. The conversation will examine the larger impact of these projects and discuss how these design-driven initiatives inform the future of branches across Brooklyn.

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