September 10: Ethnography for Design

How do designers employ ethnographic methods? Let’s apply an anthropological lens to think about how these designers understand ethnography and its potential values for their practice. And what can we learn by regarding some of the below texts as designed artifacts themselves, rather than simply words on a page?

FIELD TRIP (6-7pm): PUBLIC POLICY LAB, 20 Jay Street (Dumbo) #203*, w/ Natalia Radywyl et. al. *Directions from Natalia: “take an elevator up to the 2nd floor, follow the corridor leading off of the elevators until it ends, then turn right and you’ll see PPL’s front door.”

Afterward, we’ll continue the conversation at Love & Dough, 57 Pearl Street, over pizza (my treat). Here are some conversation prompts (I’ll distribute a handout).


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