September 24: Anthropology for (or as?) Speculative and Ontological Design

Elaine Gan, A Fungal Clock

(Sorry for the painfully pomo title.) How do or can anthropologists employ methods beyond ethnography? What are those methods, and how might they help us imagine a broader purview for both fields? What roles might these methods play in clarifying not only how the world is, but also how it could be? What are the ethical and political opportunities and risks inherent in designing for future or better worlds? How might speculative or ontological design methods transform the temporality of anthropology itself? Who gets to decide which futures are “better,” and for whom, and how might we decolonize these processes?

GUEST: ELAINE GAN, Faculty Fellow at NYU’s XE: Center for Experimental Humanities & Social Engagement – Location: Anthropology Department Commons Area, 6 E 16th St, 9th Floor, West End

Yes, it’s a long list – but half are very short! And there are simply too many great texts to share on this topic!

Añangu Kichwa, Yasuní National Park, Ecuador, 2018. Photo: Ana Maria Durán Calisto, via e-flux architecture.


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