Week 11: November 9: Student-Led Lesson

via Zak Jensen; used with permission

I’ll work with you, in small groups, to devise a lesson plan that allows you to share your interests and expertise with the class, while also connecting your individual projects to the overarching themes of the course. 

GROUP 1: Henry, Natalie, Gabby, Zoe, Sophie, Lucas, and Nishra

The group has asked you to review lots of little pieces!:

Gabby Vazquez: Objects + Materials: Garments, Identity, and Politics 

Natalie DeAbreu: Aesthetic Photography for Anthropological Research

Henry Lee: Objects as Historical Devices

Zoe: zines, materiality, and queer connections 

Lucas: thinking through objects, bureaucrats 

  • Jennifer Egan, “Found Objects,” The New Yorker (December 10, 2007). 
  • Jan Banning, Bureaucratics [Browse through the Pictures]

Sophie: Depop ethnography

Nishra: Deconstruction in Design